Primitive Christianity has more often been defined in hopes of preserving the Roman Church (which should be rejected), and from its first initial power grab we just simply keep finding too many proofs of its nonconformity to Apostolic teaching. It was inevitable that such a tree bare nothing but bad fruits, or thorns. 

Therefore this site is not centered on attacking believers who are looking to learn, but it is an open appeal to all who are concerned about scriptural reconciliation, and finding both The Kingdom, and Righteousness our High Priest Yeshua, Who spoke of the things that are conveyed plainly, of which His apostles did proclaim. 

Matthew 16:18 is not about a Roman Church Empire, it’s about “the living stoneā€ of Peters indestructible testimony which is built upon the foundation of The Fathers Law, completed with The Chief Corner Stone of our Holy High Priest and King Yeshua.

Therefore we are looking to rediscover the most Primitive form of Christianity we can find using various proofs of both scriptures in its various manuscript, and the earliest witnesses to them. 

Yes, questioning the “Trinity” is part of this  …but no one is looking to condemn anyone practicing their faith lawfully in peace, but instead condemn the condemners of making factions where the Apostles made no factions …they often try to “wow” people with “doctrinal understanding” while appealing to a consensus of the majority, but they are absolutely lawless, and rebellious, and perpetually sin intentionally, and they openly confess that they do while attempting to claim they are “godly.” 

We had enough of this false testimony, and false piety, and this “form of godliness, BUT NOTHING there of.”
We also do hope to make an additional profession openly where there are few who do so in these times. We don’t care if the hypocrite cries words like “heretic” or “devil” at us …for they said such things to Messiah in His day, and He warned that they would say worse of His followers.  

Anyways we welcome you, so please flip through the archives and taste and see …if it is True. Thank you for reading.